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3 Screening Problems Jobful Solves for You

Bianca Ene


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We all know that moment when you are happy that you have hundreds of applications for a job and after you spend hours analyzing them discover that only 10-20% are relevant and match the job requirements. And then you start contacting them and only 8-15% are still interested in that job. 

Searching and screening CV’s takes a lot of time and some companies have dedicated people who do only screenings and interviews appointments. We are sure that those professionals can bring more value to the company if they will have more time to discuss with the candidates and get involved in other stages of the recruitment process. 

Through Jobful we want to cut-off the time needed to the screening process and give the recruiters their time back. 


1. Searching for the right candidates can take too much time

This you know intimately. The process of going through piles of CVs is anything but fun or rewarding. Chances are, if you’re a professional in the recruitment industry, you’re already sick of this step of the process. The truth is that it’s not just a tedious activity, it’s also very time consuming and it doesn’t produce any kind of business results.

Our solution

We have implemented a Recommender system who will send directly on the email a list with the most relevant candidates based on the job requirements. No more time spent on search. 


2. The profile can match the job requirements, but the candidate can miss the most important skills for that job

The candidate profile/CV and the candidate’s skills are often two entirely different things. Testing for the real compatibility between talent and your job opening should happen in the first part of the recruitment process, to save you resources and to contribute to valuable business results. 

Our solution

For each job you can create a specific challenge (assessment) through which you can pre-test the candidates. This way you can be sure that you will move forward only with those who have the critical capability for a job (for example, you can test their english level, or how they will solve a technical problem, or how they will approach an angry client). 


3. The right candidate is not interested anymore

The mutuality of interest should be cultivated through an interactive environment that helps talent interact meaningfully with their next employer. Checking for this type of compatibility early on in the process doesn’t just save resources, it is also a quality assurance technique to help you build a stable and compatible team.  

Our solution

On Jobful, if you send an invitation to a candidate, they will have 5 days to respond if would like to start the recruitment process. Also, you can see how active they are on the platform and what is the possibility to accept your invitation. 

Also, we suggest replying to candidates in maximum 5 days from their application. 


Curious how you can boost the quality and numbers of your recruitment? Find out more about your opportunity.

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