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5 Steps for Using Jobful at Its Full Potential

Ana Maria Brinzoiu


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Recruitment is a complex process that needs to be effective and at the same time people-friendly since human interaction is in many cases a big component. This complexity inspired us to come up with creative solutions to many problems thus creating complexity on our own side. Jobful gives recruiters a toolkit of interaction methods to choose from when they’re searching for that perfect match. You can cover multiple steps of the recruitment process on Jobful so we thought it would be best to tell you how to use the solution to its full potential. 

  • Don’t Limit Yourself to Job Posting 

We are well aware that sourcing candidates for the open positions is the goal when it comes to using the platform and we encourage our partners to add as many jobs they want in order to represent themselves better in front of the candidates. Still, our solutions were never designed as a stand alone job board, but as a holistic process to help connect professionals with the right opportunities. 

Our focus is engaging with our candidates and delivering value aside from potential hirings - and we recommend our partners to do the same. For example, by linking a Challenge to each added Job, candidates are more likely to apply and look into the opportunity. At the same time, this first interaction with a candidate benefits the recruiter too if the Challenge can pre assess a set of skills needed for the job. We noticed that jobs that are linked with Challenges receive more applications that go further into the process. 

  • Embrace Automation and Focus on What Makes a Difference

As satisfactory as it may be, finding a fitting candidate by looking through hundreds of CVs is not a good use of a recruiter's time. The same goes for sending a bunch of cold mails to candidates that won’t reply in a timely manner if they respond at all. Automation is here to fix all that without interfering with the human factor in the stages where it is important. 

By using the Recommender AI, recruiters receive personalized shortlisted candidates for each of the added roles. At the same time, Recommender AI will recommend to candidates the best fitting jobs for their profile thus closing the circle and providing an end to end mechanism for creating fast shortlists.

At the same time the platform also manages the communication with the candidate prior to validating the interest of both parts. This way there is no need for manual emails before the match since emails are sent automatically to present the opportunity, to remind the candidate, and to capture feedback. This way we support recruiters and empower them to focus on the steps where human interaction makes all the difference between a candidate and a future colleague. 

  • Invest In Upskilling in the Market

Talent shortage is a recurrent problem in recruitment, especially since more and more roles become a combination of skills that, in many cases, are not taught by the educational system.  We are firm believers in the idea of upskilling the talent market and getting proactive about developing new skills. And the results are beneficial for our partners too because the Courses provide them with a continuous pipeline of pre-assessed candidates for a certain role. 

By creating Courses for candidates to learn more about the technologies or skills you require, companies are firstly promoting their learning culture and their tech deck and are also building qualified pipelines for future job openings. 

  • Reward Your Best Candidates

Jobful is built around human motivators and encourages candidates to perform actions that are relevant to the recruitment process and also rewarding. The system of points and badges we have in place satisfies the appetite for rewarding but the opportunity is much bigger than this. By adding items to the shop that candidates can buy with their actions and practivity on the platform, recruiters can motivate and deliver value throughout the process, not only in the end by presenting an offering. 

The shop was designed as a marketplace of goods or experiences that support professional and personal growth thus motivating the candidates to keep on advancing in their careers towards their goals. Recruiters can add items that are available before or after the match, that are bound to Challenges, Courses or even Referrals of other relevant candidates. 

  • Communicate Fast with Low Effort

All the instant messaging apps we are using daily have changed the way we communicate and in many cases it seems like other processes have not kept up. We value fast communication and putting a time limit on actions in order to increase response rate and beat procrastination. 

Inside the platform we added a messaging section where recruiters and candidates can start the conversation immediately after being matched. Even if it is only a short message that lets candidates know they will be called for scheduling an interview the following day, keeping the communication open increases trust in the process and brings clarity. We also encourage recruiters to add the recruitment stages for every job in order to be transparent from the start and avoid losing candidates on the way. 

Curious how we can help? Find more about us here.

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