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Jobful Courses with Coca-Cola HBC

Ana Maria Brinzoiu


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Industry: FMCG

The goal: prepare candidates for Rise Management Trainee program and grow the employer brand of Coca-Cola HBC

The gap: an experience that brings together details about the company, about Rise Management Trainee Program, its roles and the required skill-set

Metrics to track: number of impressions on social media, conversion rates, number of Matches from candidates enrolled in Academy

Time: frame: 5 weeks

The Challenge

Rise Management Trainee by Coca-Cola HBC is a program designed to offer an international and holistic experience of the company's business processes and departments during a two years period. Since it’s targeting mostly fresh graduates with little working experience, the volume of applicants can be overwhelming and thus it appears the need to pre-assess candidates in a fun and engaging way. This was the perfect opportunity to implement the gamification framework over the learning process and create an experience that is enjoyable and valuable for both candidates and recruiters.


The Solution

On the platform, users can choose between Courses created by us in collaboration with experts in psychological assessment and Courses created in collaboration with our partners for specific roles or technical and non-technical skills. Since the fundamental component of this project was learning, we proposed an Course that will keep candidates engaged in the process and provide recruiters with insights about the required skill-set. Moreover students and graduates from the Course create a pipeline of interested candidates that are one click away now and in the future. On the other hand, by going through all the materials and completing the assessments, candidates can shorten the recruitment process by 30%. 

Regarding the materials, they were curated and re-organized by us with progressive feedback from Coca-Cola HBC partners which guarantees high quality and led to exceeding expectations set in the discovery phase of the project. In the end, the Course consisted of 13 text and video materials and 2 assessments - all these with an approximate duration of 2 hours

On the platform, our partners actively track the number and the progress of the students and graduates of the Management Trainee Course in order to identify and create the perfect matches. 


The Numbers

At the moment of publication, over 200 students are enrolled in the Course learning their way to the role of Management Trainee. 

Group 10

Regarding the targeted audience, among the candidates that enrolled in the Course, 80% are between the ages of 18 and 24 and almost equally men and women joined which for us was an important indicator of success and accuracy in attracting the right candidates through social media. 

Group 6 (2)

Regarding the conversions, from all impressions, 29% visited Coca-Cola HBC’s company page on Jobful which includes a short description, testimonials and videos about the company and also open roles. Out of these 29%, 17% went forward and interacted with materials from the Management Trainee Course on platform. Fast forward to the recruitment process, more than 20 matches have been created until the moment of publication, meaning more than 20 candidates that were enrolled in the Course and interested in the Management Trainee role were invited to continue the recruitment process at Coca-Cola HBC. 


The Resolution

Even though the Course was created to support our partners to recruit candidates for the Rise Management Trainee program, the resulting pipeline has been used to create matches for other roles with complementary skill-sets like Sales Representatives. By crafting quality content and framing it in an gamified environment this pipeline of pre-assessed candidates can be used for multiple roles and in multiple recruitment cycles. 

Right now on Jobful hundreds of candidates are developing new skills though our 16 available Academies. If we sparked your curiosity, you can find out more details about how a gamified recruitment process prepares, pre-assesses and builds pipelines of candidates with the skills of tomorrow from our consultants or by signing in to a free trial. You can do both here

Build a candidate smart experience

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