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Challenge your candidates interactively

Ana Maria Brinzoiu


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We at Jobful are working with human motivators - we want to know what makes the best candidates tick. Based on our gamification experience and on our work so far, the proactive candidates are not eager to stay calm and wait until a recruiter contacts them - they want to prove their knowledge, skills and motivation to join your company. 

We simply give them the tool to do just that. 

Challenges are micro-experiences that candidates can use to give you a taste of their skills and you can use it as an interactive way to further grow your employer branding. And besides that - it’s fun, it’s easy and it’s fast. 



The times of during interview assessments are long gone because time is valuable - on both sides of the process. Give your candidates the chance to prove themselves by completing a series of challenges before the interview. You have total control over the number, the length and the difficulty of the challenges and we take care of engaging your candidates in a fun way doing what we do best - gamification mechanisms. We will recommend you to use  Challenges for skill assessment and job fit, but also for cultural fit. 

Moreover, skill assessment reduces the turn over rate with more than 39% according to this study. And your future workers are 24% more likely to exceed performance goals.  

You may have heard about other pre-assessment solutions doing the same thing, but with Jobful your candidates can answer your questions using images and videos besides the classic multiple choice and free text. Also, by being integrated in your career page, you can easily generate pipelines for each job and give your passive candidates one more reason to get in touch with your new opportunities. 

From UI/UX, to programming languages, from creativity to critical thinking, you can test them all - let the skills speak for themselves.



Engage your audience by challenging them and always keep things fresh and playful - make them come back to your page for logic problems or creativity questions based on the latest trends. Launch challenges to candidates who are not in a recruitment process to make sure they are still active and still checking your career page for roles that might fit their career path. 

Recruitment processes can be long, but don’t let your candidates grow bored - keep them active on your career site by challenging their logic or creativity and by giving them points to spend in your shop. 


Employer Branding:

If you read this far, it’s clear that Challenges will grow your Employer Branding and make the talent market see you as the creative, out-of-the-box thinking and a cool company you are. Besides you can create challenges to get feedback from your candidates regarding the way they see your company and culture: do they see you as a tech company or as a marketing one, are they aware of your culture and what makes you the best kind of different? 

Also, we’ve seen amazing results when challenges get shared on social media - tap into your community’s potential with challenges that spark curiosity and that create the urgency to know the right answer. 


You may think you don’t need challenges, but we would like to challenge that. 


Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

Start your 30-days Free Trial here 



Build a candidate smart experience

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