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How to Engage Future Talent Throughout the Recruitment Process

Bianca Ene


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We know how difficult it is to attract the right talent, but we also know that there is nothing more frustrating than losing good candidates along the way because of the recruitment process. 

CareerArc's candidate Experience Study revealed that nearly 60% of job seekers had had a poor candidate experience. As a result:

  • 63% of these candidates reject a job offer (Source: Software Advice
  • 72% of these candidates tell others about it, either online or in-person (Source: CareerArc)
  • 64% of these candidates stop purchasing goods and services from that employer (Source: CareerArc).

Sounds bad, right? A poor candidate experience has more impact than we think and should be in focus for each recruiter and manager. 


Blogpost Aprilie_hiring process-1

Having this in mind, we invested a lot in finding the right tools and elements that keep the candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process. 

We use a human-centric approach, identifying pain points and motivators, and then we transform the insights into attractive features. 

How do you lose candidates and what can you do to stop this:

First impressions matter

So the application process is very important for the candidates - even if you want to capture as much information from them as possible, it’s important to make sure that they can apply in less than 5 minutes. On average, 80% of job seekers abandon their intention of applying for a job if the application process is complicated. 

Through Jobful, the candidates can upload their CV in one click and apply to the jobs that are suitable for them. 

Not enough information on the process

One of the biggest frustrations for candidates is the fact that they don’t receive enough information throughout the recruitment process. 81% of candidates say the main thing that would improve their experience is more regular updates (CareerBuilder).

That’s why we have introduced a notification system from which you can set predefined and automated messages to be sent to candidates based on their evolution on the recruitment process or just to keep them informed about the process. 

Another platform for every step of the way

If you have many steps in the recruitment process, it’s important to keep just as many stages in the same place. You can lose a lot of candidates if you send them assessments on different platforms, using different interfaces. 

Through Jobful you can send assessments or challenges to the candidates and you or the hiring manager can see and evaluate their performance directly on the platform. You can create different types of assessments and to evaluate different types of skills. 

Beside these, it’s essential to keep candidates engaged, offering them positive emotions through transparency, recognition, rapid next steps, skill-proving challenges, and rewards throughout the end-to-end process. That’s why we are using a gamification framework to make the entire process more engaging, fun and human.

The candidates spend more time on the platform preparing, testing and responding to company-branded academies & challenges, actions by which they receive points representing the platform currency to buy experiences or goodies. The two techniques continuously generate pretested and proactive candidate pipelines.

What do you see? Do you want to try something different?

Build a candidate smart experience

Transform your career platform into a digital playground that engages, up-skills, and qualifies your future workforce.


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