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Offering a Fast Quality Service in Recruitment

Ana Maria Brinzoiu


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Recruitment should not be a one size fits all process since each role has different requirements and expectations - sometimes assessments should be done before the first interview, or there could be educational materials that require reading before receiving a case study. 

We know that an adaptable recruitment process gets you the right candidates faster and with less effort in repetitive tasks. Since all processes have stages that simply take longer than others no matter what, we took on the challenge of identifying unnecessarily long processes and coming up with tech solutions that shorten the distance between candidates and employers. At first, we kept a close eye on where recruiters spend most of their time time


Where recruiters spend most time in the process:

  • Building talent pipelines for each open role and not re-engaging candidates
  • 2/3 of time to hire is spent during interviews (on average time to hire cross industries is around 3-4 weeks)
  • Giving feedback to the rejected candidates - it takes more time to reject a qualified candidate, who was interviewed, than to make the hire by a factor of over 3 days
  • Waiting for answers from passive candidates

It is proven that engagement speeds up all processes involving communication between two actors. Therefore we combined engagement with top notch technology and came back with small improvements and big features to speed up recruitment. By allowing recruiters to add pre-assessment and learning earlier in the process and putting in place more checkpoints where candidates can express their interest and motivation, we made the process more efficient and modular to some extent. 

How quality and speed can go hand in hand:

Create Pipelines of Candidates That Can Be Easily Re-Engaged 

Continuously building pipelines for certain high demanded skills like exotic programming languages or specific sets of skills (for example in Community Building) does wonders for the time to fill. We advise you to build pipelines based on skills and not on specific jobs in order to use them for multiple roles now and in the future. We made it easier to keep track of the candidates you interact with and make sure you find them easily when the next opportunity appears. 


Receive Automated Shortlists of Candidates That Fit Your Requirements According to Intelligent Algorithms 

Fast-forward CV reading is not something we believe in anymore. We built a profile and a resume template that gathers as much information from candidates as possible in order to automatically calculate the compatibility between users and jobs. And we are not talking about shallow compatibility, we analyze over 25 dimensions of professionals’ compatibility criteria before sending a list of most fitting candidates. The feedback we receive every week from both candidates and recruiters help us to fine tune our algorithm and generate better recommendations.


Interview Fewer Candidates That Have Been Automatically Pre-Assessed 

Challenges and courses can be looked at like add-ons on your recruitment process for either assessment or learning. By linking a Challenge with a job, you make it easier to choose the candidates you want to be matched with and move forward to interviews. As for jobs that require certain technologies or skills, you can build a Course to prepare users for next steps and also assess their learning speed. After candidates graduate your Course, they can move forward in the recruitment process if they pass the final test. Introducing these add-ons makes sure you are moving forward with prepared and motivated candidates. 


Optimize Initial Email Communication with Automated Emails Before the Interview

You don’t need to worry about 1:1 communication with candidates before being matched since we make sure to keep them informed about the process, the step they’re currently in, while also gathering feedback. And after being matched, we built a messenger inside the platform where you can get the conversation started immediately without losing the momentum you built before the match. We know the value of personalized messages at the right time in the process and we believe in creating a human connection - but an efficient one. 


Validate Interest from Passive Candidates Faster and Early in the Process

Our matching system makes sure you are interacting with candidates that are interested in your opportunities from the beginning and saves the time you usually spent sending never returning messages on other headhunting platforms. The match means both you and the user are a right fit and are agreeing to move further with the recruitment process.  

We aim to deliver quality faster through small improvements and big features alike. If you are curious or if you want to experiment with Jobful, you can do that now during your 30 days free trial. 

Build a candidate smart experience

Transform your career platform into a digital playground that engages, up-skills, and qualifies your future workforce.


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