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How gamified recruiting can simplify the search for your first job

Ilinca Draganescu


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Welcome to the global workforce!


We understand that you may have a heap of concerns and a mound of stress right now and that all this talk about landing your “perfect” job amidst the seeming chaos of the global job market probably isn’t helping.




Better? OK, we’re here today to talk about some of the benefits a gamified recruiting platform has to offer you as you dive headfirst into your first job. These platforms are relatively new on the scene and we’re finding some common misconceptions and misunderstandings out there, especially among first-time job seekers. In short, not only is there no reason for you not to use a gamified platform, reasons abound as to just why you should. 

Use gamified recruiting platforms to land your first job.

The Old Standbys are Necessary and Useful, They’re Just Not Enough Anymore


Everyone has that one uncle. You know the one, if it’s not an uncle then it’s a friend of a parent. We’re talking about that person who, as soon as they found out you were heading into the working world was sudden chock-full of “advice.” The thing is, the last time they actually looked for a job there was no internet and it took a week to snail mail resumes to potential employers. Well, times have changed (to say the least) and the days of mailing resumes and cover letters are behind us. 


That’s not to say that the resume itself is irrelevant, far from it. There remains no better way to present a potential employer a snapshot of who you are and what you bring to the table. But times are changing and besides, you’re a newly minted adult looking for your first “real” job so chances are you don’t have an extensive work history to fill your resume. Nor do you likely have much in the way of results or job-appropriate skills to list. None of that means you can skip this step, however. Use internships, volunteer work, and even school projects to bulk up the experience section. Then talk to your professors and classmates about providing some recommendations. And finally, consider a hybrid style resume where the focus is on skills and results rather than on work experience.


Then, understand that this still isn’t going to be enough. Don’t freak out, we’re not done. You’re going to need current, relevant, and up-to-date skills to land the job of your dreams. So head online and find yourself a gamified platform that includes a boot camp, academy, or other MOOC-style (Massive Open Online Course) class. This will not only provide you with the training you need, but most will also end with a final project that can fill the position of your first portfolio piece as you begin your hunt.

Give Recruiters a More Complete Picture of Who You Are


Recruiters are looking for hard skills, yes. But increasingly they’re focusing on the so-called “soft skills.” This is things like teamwork, motivation, emotional intelligence, empathy, and how well you’ll fit into their office culture. Whatever you can do now to show recruiters who you are along with what you bring, the better off you’ll be and the more successful your hunt will be. Ask yourself this question, “what does my perfect job look like?”


That wording was chosen intentionally. We didn’t say “what’s the title?” Or “what does the breakroom look like?” We said, “what does the job look like.” That’s meant to include every aspect of the job, from the mundane things like daily tasks, team tasks, break room amenities, and title; to the more ephemeral things like office culture and how you get along with your co-workers. 


Now, keeping that image in your head, start brainstorming how you can show these aspects of your personality to recruiters. Maybe you won a Good Sportsmanship award playing high school soccer. Or maybe you aced college psychology and have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of emotional intelligence. Get this stuff on your resume, be sure to mention it in your cover letters, and get it added to your profile on your recruiting platform of choice. 

Gamified Recruiting Platforms Offer a One-Stop-Shop


Or, take your mental image and your brainstorming ideas and head to one of the new crop of gamified recruiting platforms that are springing up all over the internet. We’re going to use Jobful as our template, simply because we know it the best.


When you sign up, you have the opportunity to upload a resume and profile summary (think of it like a short cover letter). Then you can set your preferences for employers, job titles, and more. Once you’ve established yourself, dive in. You can search job listings, or you can go about building your profile along with your skillset. Take a challenge offered by your employer of choice. These can be as simple as a quick Python code game, or as intense as a simulated office scenario. Your results will then be sent directly to the recruiters from the company who put up the challenge so they can reach out to you if they’re interested.


Then head to the Academy section and grow your skillset. Say you already know Python, but how’s your Ruby on Rails? Or maybe you’re pretty good with Excel, but do you have any certifications to demonstrate that mastery? Academies are also sponsored by employers on each platform, so you know the skills they’re teaching are in demand.


For every challenge and academy you complete, you get a badge on your profile. This allows other recruiters to quickly get an at-a-glimpse idea of what you bring to the table. Then they can browse your resume for a fuller picture, and reach out directly if they think you’re a good match. And at the same time, the platforms AI is combining each of these skills with what you put on your resume to give you an overall rating that recruiters can also use when considering candidates and how well they’ll fit in around the office.


As you can see, these new platforms have a lot to offer the first-time job hunter. No matter if your only work experience was a paper route when you were 12, or if you’ve been raking in the internships all through college and have extensive, if un-paid, experience. Using a gamified recruiting solution is a fantastic way to ensure that recruiters get a full picture of you as a well-rounded candidate who’s exactly the right fit for that opening you’ve been eyeing.

Build a candidate smart experience

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