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How You Know You’re Ready for the Tech Industry

Costin Pavel


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When it comes to the Tech Industry, most of us think that is all about technical stuff, many hours in front of a computer, many tasks that are not so creative, and so on. But have you ever thought if this is true? Maybe there are a lot of facts that you should take into consideration when thinking about it.

You see, technology is inevitable, things in this industry will continue to happen because our forthcoming trends show us how much we as consumers tend to have more
demanding requirements. There are many misconceptions about the exact moment when you are ready to be part of this world and how much you know about it. In fact, technology is all about breaking new ground, discovering and developing new ways for us as consumers to be more efficient, reliable, and sustainable.

We gathered 
in a meeting to collect all of our ideas about when you KNOW you are ready for this industry. We made a list of five things for you that we think would help:

Tech Is For People Who Want To Do Good

Have you ever seen a tech guy that doesn't want to solve a problem? Many people who already work in this industry are highly focused on resolving problems, after all, that's why they choose this as a means of expressions. Most of the practitioners are, even from the start, visionaries who have a positive impact on society through their healthy outlook on life.

The Best Tech Employees Are Constantly Joggling with the New

Curiosity doesn't kill the cat. It makes her smarter. Being curious in general will definitely improve your quality of making a living through a hard industry. Not always is about making more money, one thing that makes an employee skyrocketing at his job is the drive that they may have. By constantly experimenting with new things, you will be under the recruiter's scope.

Teach Yourself New Things Every Day

By being a fast learner in an industry that changes by the minute you will have increasingly more chances of finding a job. It's not front-page news that being a person driven by learning will make you a better person with every opportunity that you find.

You Need To Be Creative, Not Just Technical

Solving complex technical problems nowadays requires a lot of creativity. But moreover, lateral thinking is a top skill that will set you for a successful career in tech because our societal needs are indeed harder to solve than they were 10 years ago. We live in an era of information and big data. It depends only on us how we will find a way to take advantage of that.

You Must Enjoy Puzzles. Have you heard about The Riddler? 

Well, you will be something like that. Only a good guy. Turn any complex problem that you and your colleagues must resolve into a puzzle and everything will come into place. After all, setting your analytical skills in front of everything can support you a lot.

But at end of the day, there’s no recipe to know when you are prepared for this. You should try for yourself and see if is something that you really like or not. Keep in mind that having those things mentioned before will help you to know you're set up.

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