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Industry Highlights: Recruitment Trends In 2023 (Whitepaper Preview)



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In this upcoming whitepaper that we'll launch at the beginning of 2023, you'll find out the most important numbers that you have to carry with you in the New Year if you work in the recruitment industry. 

Whitepaper Overview

2022 was a game changer, as it shifted the dynamics between companies and talent even more than 2021 trends suggested it would. That’s why it’s essential to be prepared for whatever it is that 2023 has to bring in terms of talent and recruitment in general. 

Here's what we're addressing in our whitepaper: 

A) HR Stats & contexts that you need to be aware of

From employer branding to talent acquisition, numbers say that we're not ready to deal with the real needs of today's professionals. 

Aspects like culture, values, work-life balance have become very important, and companies that won't quickly adapt to this new paradigm are about to see a drop in their business numbers. 

This is especially important since talent loss is already a problem for most of the revenue generating industries out there.

This image is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to visualize how much of the candidate pool is lost in the process, with over 99.8% of candidates not even getting to be a part of the talent acquisition funnel for more than one touch point. 

B) Trends About The Future Of Work

Here's a peek into the premises we're working with:

  • 63% of employers are willing to hire professionals with transferable skills and train them for specific roles 
  • The most important soft skills employers look for are: teamwork / collaboration, communication, and problem solving / critical thinking  
  • The biggest gaps between what talent offers and what companies are looking for occurs with communication, problem solving / critical thinking, and dependability

C) Approaches & Solutions To Stay Ahead In 2023

In this part, we're addressing the main challenges and the types of approaches that organizations take to address them - from best to worst. 

Here we're analyzing the entire process and the reasons why it's the key to understanding and bridging the tensions around talent lifecycle.  

Want to stay ahead in 2023? 



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