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Plan for the Future

Mihai Cepoi


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Getting candidates interested in your opportunity is just half of the battle; keeping them engaged is the other. On average, 80% of job seekers abandon their intention of applying for your job - a persistent issue that leads at:

  • loss of top talent

  • poor word-of-mouth from candidates frustrated with the process

  • the higher costs associated with abandonment in cost-per-click recruiting models

If you think that the length of application processes is positive because it "weeds out" applicants, the opposite happens. Good candidates know their time is essential and they have plenty of opportunities in the job market, so they won’t apply for your company if it takes more than 3 to 5 minutes. 

With this in mind, we’ve built the systems that provide a candidate smart and fast experience  through a flawless application process that does not encounter drop-offs: 

  1. Mobile optimized career website
  2. Job listing where candidates can easily search, filter or get instant recommendations based on their profile
  3. 2 or 3 easy steps for an efficient application process - all under 1 minute 
    1. Sign-up or login only with the email address, password or alternative Linkedin, Google or Facebook - accepting T&C
    2. Import CV or Linkedin profile from where our parsing technology auto-completes the candidates’ profile 
    3. Check additional & optional questions 

Afterwards, it’s essential to keep candidates engaged, offering them positive emotions through transparency, recognition, rapid next steps, skill-proving challenges, and rewards throughout the end-to-end process. 


Skill-proving challenges

Engage and pre-qualify faster. Help candidates advance in the process with challenges that spark skill-proving through micro-experiences that ignites curiosity and competition. 

Challenges format

  • Situational test/brief
  • Quiz
  • Coding assessment
  • Language proficiency
  • Video Pitch
  • Personality tests
  • Fun briefs
  • Open questions


Training Courses 

Currently, only 2% of the applications are qualified for the job they applied for. Don’t decline instantly. Redirect to up-skilling or other open roles. Power-up your career site with available online courses as training grounds to build proactive, up-skilled, and pre-tested pipelines: 

  • Build the next wave of skills
  • Make the declined relevant 
  • Test learnability




Gamified experience

Ensure better candidates involvement by tapping into human motivators with game-based elements. 

Offer badges as recognition and rewards as gifts or experiences to encourage any desired behaviours from your candidates - making referrals, learning new skills, proving skills and so on.


Imagine the current state - sourcing channels and efforts are enormous compared to the scanty results - that only 2% of candidates will eventually get hired from the real talent interested. 

Offering more interactive and trigger led systems within your career site is the first step in attracting more candidates to your talent community. 

Further, the intent is there, but the enrollment process might demoralize a lot of good candidates, so focus on offering a rapid and flawless experience with not so many steps.

Having an active, engaged, pre-tested talent database is a goldmine for every company that makes a strategic impact in its talent acquisition, growing its employer brand, optimizing costs and job-boards reliance.

We propose a model where your long term strategy is coherent and empowered by technological tools right on your website.



Build a candidate smart experience

Transform your career platform into a digital playground that engages, up-skills, and qualifies your future workforce.


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