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Recruitment Trends That Will Dominate 2022 - Free Whitepaper

Mihai Cepoi


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The recruitment industry has undergone so many challenges during the past two years that it’s almost insane to keep track of all of them. 

As the CEO of a startup whose mission is to fix recruiting from the inside through the power of future-facing, tech-first solutions, I have felt these past two years like an ongoing transition that doesn’t seem to end. 

I’ve also discovered that in the face of change, businesses react in one of two ways - they either hang on to their existing mechanisms perhaps a little too tight, or they buckle up for the adventure and take it as a great environment to test out new development paths. 

At Jobful, we’re in the second category. We’ve pivoted during this transition, and we’ve done it to the advantage of the industry rather than to our personal business advantage (but more on that in a separate piece following this one). 


How It Started

2021 has dumped a lot of numbers on us, leaving entrepreneurs to make sense of them & to turn them into a way to become more relevant, more engaging and more personal. The recruitment industry was, by far, one of the most affected domains by this global wave of change. 

This is perhaps one of the reasons why the present situation has been so transformative, without always being clear in which directions or how. It’s been feeling a lot like navigating a river at night, through a dense layer of fog. 


How It’s Going

But things are starting to settle little by little, which is why we’ve decided that, instead of ignoring the numbers, we should rather take a deep dive and understand what they’re about. 

Because I’m not really a marketing person at core, I will, of course, share some of the fundamental ideas that we believe will dominate the market: 

  • Professionals across different industries have started to understand the kind of power they have over their employers & have started to act accordingly, becoming reluctant to compromise. And it shows - not just in the large number of mid-senior professionals who’ve transitioned towards freelancing (we’re going to cover this with a dedicated piece as well, this is how much of a big topic it is) - but also in their relationship with work. Which drives me directly to my next point, 
  • The separation between work life and personal life is a myth. Not because it’s not doable in theory, but rather because most of the top performing professionals are emotionally attached to the projects they are a part of. At the risk of sounding cheesy, the data points towards a mixture of the two, especially in the professional sectors where people don’t work because of a paycheck-to-paycheck situation, but out of their passion for a niche. This situation constitutes the fundamentals for the way we’ll look at the work-life balance in the future, and it’s our opinion at Jobful that both employers and their top performing employees are responsible for maintaining this balance within healthy parameters, as it is no longer a choice. 
  • Companies have to prove their worth, now more than ever. Of course, in the context of talent shortage, this is perhaps the most apparent of problems, but it should be viewed in the context of the two previous ones in order for companies to come up with realistic, long-term solutions. 

If you’re working in the recruitment industry & feel like a little clarity could be helpful right about now, we’ve put together a free whitepaper to help you get the pulse of the industry & to be ready for the upcoming trends of 2022. 


Build a candidate smart experience

Transform your career platform into a digital playground that engages, up-skills, and qualifies your future workforce.


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