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Step by Step into a Tech Career

Costin Pavel


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Step by step into a tech career

Working in a big tech company may be the dream for many cybernetics or computing students, but not in all cases.

When it comes to being a junior in the tech industry, I believe there are two main categories that we can identify.

” The Dreamer”

Are those who think about entering the industry because of all the rewards he or she may have, learning and development opportunities, and other similar benefits. You can easily recognize this one because most of the time it will be the person in the room. With the most enthusiastic energy and ideas, even if he or she will not understand all the things that happen there.

” The Tech-savvy”

Probably students who know about what means to work with programming
languages, work many hours in front of a computer, and undoubtedly look at the world in a pragmatic and conservative way. Of course, many visionaries in this category surely will accomplish more great things in life, and they will always be the right fit for the tech industry.

Last year, I took a change in my life, as a final year student in economics going to the tech industry without knowing whether I would be an excellent fit for it or not. I took a risk looking only into the future. Being a dreamer in this industry at the beginning will always be hard as a rock to understand and really be aware of all the technologies used around us every day.

When thinking about going into the tech industry without knowing anything about it, you will instantly be like:” What is he talking about?” or” How did he manage to understand all technologies used in his company?”, questions that I was putting to myself when I took this step.

Truly, some of the challenges that those of you who are unfamiliar with technology will face are:

  • Understanding technologies. In the beginning, it will be more probably the most problematic thing you will do, but it will be fun and exciting if you will be part of a company that values learning and they will be willing to help you. You should keep in the back of your head that its not about the destination its about the journey! Standing by the fact that tech is one of the fastest-growing industries by being a learning-oriented person for sure it will be easier to use technology at your job.
  • Facing new challenges. Its the tech industry after There will be many of them for you but isnt this the one thing that makes it great?! One way to get over that problem could be to ask around your colleagues when something doesn't feel right. Nowadays more than ever your teammates want to help you for the bigger cause of the company. Remember that now you are one of them and try to use it to your advantage.
  • Working hours. Maybe you will be facing a problem with one of your codes, but you are an excellent junior, and you want to demonstrate how a piece of cake is for you. This will not be a problem unless you make it, and by that means you should understand the fact that you are not the only one who confronts those kinds of problems. Many tech employees are still struggling with getting the work done, and its the fun part of the job.

Be aware that this kind of industry is not for everyone. You should consider before going into it many things: Is this for me?”, Is it enough the things that I know?” Are important questions to ask yourself when you are thinking of going into the tech industry, but always keep in mind that your first years will be about learning, after that, you will be skilled to take some challenges on your own.

I truly believe the most important thing in the tech industry is about working with the future and the satisfaction of resolving problems. Thinking that learning isnt about the destination, and its all about the journey will make your future career a lot easier. For sure it will be the most important thing after you succeed.

At the end of the day, it probably is a demanding job for you and with not as many achievements in the short term as you expected. But this doesnt mean you should not always think about how it makes you feel, and not those around you. Being a junior in one of the largest IT companies in the world will get you many benefits, not just financial ones, but also from the development and career perspective.

So buckle up & enjoy the ride! 

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