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The Matching System

Ana Maria Brinzoiu


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Candidates at first sight



At first sight, you will notice that candidate profiles on Jobful are anonymized. We only disclose candidates’ personal information after they express their agreement to share with a specific company - which we call a match.

By anonymizing candidates, we take a stand against gender, age and other biases in recruitment. We aim to create a 360° perspective on candidates through including badges, values and desired perks.



What is a Match?

A match is a double opt-in connection between recruiter and candidate and there are two ways to create one:


Scenario 1

Recruiter sends invitation

Once you are looking at a Jobful profile that fits your requirements, you can send an invitation to the candidate for one or more of your roles.

Next, the candidate is notified and has 7 days to either: 

  • Reject the invitation and provide you with feedback
  • Accept the invitation and create a match!

Scenario 2

Candidate applies to your jobs

A candidate is attracted to one of your open roles and chooses to apply. You are notified via email about the application and you have 7 days to either:

  • Reject the application and provide feedback
  • Accept the application and create a match!


After match -05


What happens after match?

After matching, contact details are unlocked and you can start the conversation either on Jobful Messaging or on other platforms.

You can find Jobful Messaging on the Messages menu underneath your logo on the right corner. 


How is matching system working on your favor?

  • Optimize costs: You only pay for matches, not for visualizing profiles, not for adding jobs. Include pre-assessment Challenges in the mix and further drop your cost per hire by pre-assessing candidates before matching with them. 
  • Optimize time: Clean up the noise - only start the recruitment process with candidates interested in your opportunities.
  • Increase the responsiveness - you start the recruitment process as soon as 7 days after discovering a suitable candidate. 





If your role gets inactive while applications and invitations are sent, we will automatically inform candidates that the role is no longer available and redirect them to your other jobs. 

If you get matches with the same candidate for two distinct jobs, you pay only for one match. 





Happy recruiting! 

We cross fingers and hope it’s the perfect match. 

Build a candidate smart experience

Transform your career platform into a digital playground that engages, up-skills, and qualifies your future workforce.


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