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What Makes A Competitive Advantage When Recruiting

Mihai Cepoi


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The Status Quo

It’s no secret that the recruitment industry is undergoing massive shifts in perspective. They were long due, but the current global situation seems to have precipitated a change in view that would have happened over the course of some years and condensed it into one.

More and more, the recruitment industry realizes that the right to a job that helps you grow as a professional is a fundamental right, and not a corporate perk.

However, we are aware that perspective comes always easier from the outside, and that the current processes of the corporate environment will take years of tweaking to cater more for the human resource.

At Jobful, we are equally devoted to addressing both the ’human’ part and the ’resource’ part through tools that amplify human potential and maximize opportunities through quality talent management that starts with the top of the recruitment process.  

However much it will take, it is only a matter of time until a quality pre-screening experience will be the standard of the hiring process and not just a competitive advantage.

Sadly, while we wish to see healthy and fully optimized recruitment processes implemented globally, only a handful of companies take the extra mile to cater for their talent’s needs.


The Business Opportunity


We wouldn’t be here pitching our product weren’t for the two distinct business critical issues that it solves:


The first one is rather intuitive – quality of recruitment output means quality of business.

And this is just simply a math problem, really. If you top-of-funnel has 20 people in the screening process and selects 10 for a technical assessment, chances are that during the final stages of the interviews you can realize that the two people you’ve kept aren’t a cultural fit, or that they can’t seem to have a good grasp on soft skills.

However, imagine a system that filters through the essential technical and non-technical skills, on a ratio that you have complete control over. The candidates have a positive experience completing challenges and graduating upskilling academies, and you get a comprehensive profile that’s accurate and matches all of your criteria. This does wonders for the HR department as well, allowing it to focus on the quality of the workplace after recruitment, when the real work begins.


The second one is that, while it is our hope to democratize human potential, a qualitative experience in the recruitment process is a key differentiator in most of the industries.

It is a competitive advantage that you can tap into before it is incorporated in the standard practice.

Until the standardization of real care across industries happens widely, being an early adopter is a statement of care. Choosing a way to infuse your recruitment process with a technical layer that helps people become more than the CVs they complete means catering the very basic set of human needs that makes a company a healthy workplace.

Many professionals postpone changing jobs, even when they feel they can do better, and even those who have seniority, because of the amount of stress that goes into switching to another workplace.

Part of this associated stress has to do with the way people are treated like mere numbers during the pre-screening process, where everything is impersonal and void of any mindfulness. Most often, at the other side of the screen, highly talented professionals are demotivated and feel unvalued.


The Bottom Line

Because we’re impressed both with the colossal difference that motivated quality professionals can make for a business and with the amount of drop-off rates that are associated with the recruitment process, we decided to host a webinar.

After facilitating better work for thousands of people through an AI-driven matching system and a challenging platform experience, we now want to help businesses integrate our solution directly into their career website.

Let us show you the difference that lower drop-off rates and more quality applicants can make for your business.

Drop us a line and we’ll show you how to leverage recruitment into generating more revenue and a better work environment at the same time.

Build a candidate smart experience

Transform your career platform into a digital playground that engages, up-skills, and qualifies your future workforce.


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