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What Makes Or Breaks A Tech Professional - A Guide

Costin Pavel


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To be or not to be tech-savvy. This is the question. When thinking about what could make or not an experienced tech professional, it's hard to pinpoint something at the beginning, which is pretty natural because we’re nothing but the result of the contexts we’re exposed to, afterall.

Before considering what makes a tech professional have an exquisite career we must acknowledge what can stop them from going further. A report from the US shows that 87% of employees are motivated by a balance between personal life and professional one. Let's deep dive together for a moment at the things that break our work experience and slowing down our performance.

  • Time for non-tech activities? How does that sound to you? Ok, you are a wonderful tech professional with many accomplishments throughout your career, but at the end of the day having tunnel vision and pursuing only this can stop you from promoting in your career or even having an overview of what happens in your market.
  • Is your health ok with your work-life? Maybe it's a cliche, but even if you are a perfectionist or a tech-savvy always focused on achieving those results, work-life balance should be non-negotiable. Taking a few breaks from your computer could help you and your eyes.
  • Do you have a hobby or something that you do in your spare time? Thinking about what makes you a passionate person could improve your career and make you a better professional. Ok, but how is that connected with a deal breaker? You can say that not developing a passion can affect the way you collaborate with your colleagues.
  • Have you heard about moving breaks? Something that silly can encourage you in moments when your productivity is slowing down from many working hours. It's as easy as it sounds health reports show that humans can maintain a range of 40 to 45 minutes of concentration. In this case, more breaks can support you overcome this situation.

In fact, everything we do when we want to improve our career path is to recognize what inspires us as individuals. We are unique, what can improve my productivity isn't necessarily a practice that have value for you in a way or another. I recommend taking a look at what Barry Schwartz is saying in his Ted Talk about why we are doing everything we do in our worklife.

Hoping that Barry carries out an idea of what maybe should improve your skills when it comes to concentration, and creating technology ideas. More about what can you do to become a tech professional is the perspective on how you are addressing to work. In the past years, we see how professionals are fewer because of the human attention spam of which I was writing earlier.

At this moment in recruiting, a skill is nice to have, but I think it will become a mandatory one in the future. How many things do you know about deep work? Having the ability to work with precision as a doctor at everything you do in your professional life can set you apart from other colleagues.

When it comes to deep work maintaining a non-perturbative environment and creating around you a workspace that is focused on specific actions could add value to you. Some of these actions could signify that when you are sitting at your desk to work your phone will be in another place, basically giving specific interactions with places in your room like your bed is for sleep only, on your sofa you are sitting to relax, at your desk you work. By doing this your brain will learn how to be focused. More about this subject in Deep Work - Cal Newport.

Sooner or later, everything you do in your spare time could improve or your quality as a tech professional or not. It absolutely depends on you how you make it. 

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