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What Is the Jobful Career Platform

Mihai Cepoi


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We aim to inspire and fulfill people’s potential to shape the future of a multigenerational workforce, with a mission to provide an interactive, equitable, and effective way of matching talent with the right opportunities for them. 

We believe that everyone deserves a workplace where they are happy & productive, and each business deserves performing & engaged employees. We are here to facilitate this connection through future facing technology and human focused design. 


Challenges aka The Starting Point

We started developing Jobful's product by understanding the talent acquisition process' challenges and solving them one by one. From both perspectives: candidates & companies.



Today 90% of qualified applicants drop off because of a heavy process. The incoherent process and its lengths due to the funnel's division (sourcing, screening, selection) and actors (agencies, channels, recruiters, hiring managers) lead to a bad experience for candidates.

Within 18 months, companies expect to have a more than 50% new hire failure rate, mainly because the process is not streamlined. One of its major flaws is that it was considered a support process instead of a business-critical one for too much time. When it finally became a priority during the last decade, it wrongly focused on quantity over quality. 

The lack of adoption of innovation drives 99.8% of the screened candidates not being hired. Technology's advancement impact over the talent acquisition process is marginal, without disrupting its key metrics, which only translates into considerable investment loss. 

71% of candidates sharing negative experiences to their inner circle directly affect the way the company is perceived, while companies rarely offer an engaging and attractive experience for their candidates. The lack of it frequently impacts brand recognition and image as an employer.


Solution aka The Jobful Career Platform


From the B2B perspective, our solution offers four dimensions to improve talent acquisition:

  1. Build and grow your talent pool

    The recruitment process is one of the first experiences talent has with organizations. In many cases, recruiters are viewed as gatekeepers. Offering a great experience for candidates is key to attract the best of them. 

    Jobful Career Platform is a SaaS solution, connecting sourcing channels and ATS systems as a customer's career website. The product is fully customizable based on the customer's brand book to fit perfectly within your current ecosystem.
  2. Generate qualified shortlists in clicks

    On average, 60% of a recruiter’s time is spent on pre-screening, going from one CV to another. Global benchmarks show that recruiters spend less than 10 seconds on a CV deciding if it’s worth further exploring or not.

    We built custom Artificial Intelligence algorithms to generate best-fit candidates within seconds, eliminating pre-screening and offering recruiters more time to focus on qualifying candidates.

  3. Upskill top candidates for a perfect fit

    Based on the PwC Survey, 77% of CEOs consider the lack of key skills as one of the biggest threats for their business. The World Economic Forum stated in 2019 that talent, not technology, is the key to success in a digital future.

    Jobful offers a dedicated course framework, supporting organizations to grow their talent pool's skill set based on current and future needs.

  4. Engage talent using technology

    Tech giants like Facebook, Google or Netflix are continually fighting to grab as much attention as possible from us. For recruitment processes to be engaging, we need to rise to the challenge and build engaging experiences for candidates, helping them navigate between all the noise.

    We built a custom gamification framework, tapping into people’s motivators and automated touchpoints, transforming recruitment into an engaging experience instead of a burden. 


The Process aka How We Solve the Problem

We built our solution to guide both the candidates and the recruiters into a meaningful and enriching experience. 

We analyzed the needs of the candidates and the recruiter's objectives, and we build our solution based on four pillars:

Pillar One: Candidate Attraction 

  1. Jobs Repository: Allow visitors to see and find jobs that fit their profiles to improve conversion and attract more from search engines.

  2. Friending & Referral: Allow your active users to add friends and grow your database by crowdsourcing talent.


Pillar Two: Candidate Engagement

  1. Gamification framework: Using countdowns, points, badges, or titles, keep your candidates active and engaged.

  2. Challenges System: Test and engage your future employees with problem-solving, solution-seeking challenges.

  3. Academies:  Build specific skill sets and prepare the talent pool for the organization's future needs using online courses. 

  4. Candidate Shop: Offer rewards to your best candidates and use your shop to drive key behaviors.

Pillar Three: Candidate Discovery 

  1. Candidate 360: Improve your hire quality with a deeper understanding and a holistic view of your candidates.

  2. Recommender AI: Use our Machine Learning algorithm to recommend best-fit candidates for your jobs.

  3. Activity: Track the activity on your platform and get insights on each candidate’s likelihood to answer.

 Pillar Four: Candidate Nurturing 

  1. Assessment: Confirm candidates’ growth by testing at the end of each course and offering feedback.

  2. Pipelines: Build a list of  the engaged candidates that are fit for a future job. 


Competitive advantages

The recruitment agency market is driven by consultancy services with low intention to move towards digital, giving us costs advantage, tech-driven, and customer-owned. We are integrating and partnering with Sourcing channels and Applicant Tracking Systems, being the puzzle piece in the middle holding powerful competitive advantages against other innovators:

  1. Custom gamification framework engaging candidates (IP owned, in house expertise);

  2. Custom Machine Learning development, eliminating all manual work (IP owned, in house expertise);

  3. Fully customizable SaaS, available for mid-market and large enterprises (high scalability);

  4. Bias-free methodology, driving 5x improvement on the most important metric: conversion rate.

Build a candidate smart experience

Transform your career platform into a digital playground that engages, up-skills, and qualifies your future workforce.


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